Monday, March 7

Keeping Up With the Jones'

When I first discovered blogs, I quickly found myself needing to feed my lurking habit and to check each one daily. In the beginning, if there was no new post, I contented myself with the archives. But once I was all caught up, what then?

Somedays, I found blog after blog with no new posts. I would get almost frantic, clicking from blog to blog - waiting - hoping - needing a new post. Checking just one more blog to get my fix.

Since I have started blogging myself, I have a HUGE new respect for those who write everyday (or even almost everyday). It is so hard to find both the time and the inspiration to write everyday. I really don't know how they do it.

I guess I'll have to start tackling some memes! Oh - and working less than 12 hours a day.


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