Wednesday, March 2

Not So Well Done

Today I took a few of my staff members out to lunch with some gift certificates that had been donated to us. It was a great time to just hang out and spend some time discussing how they are each doing and feeling within their roles.

At least it was a great time until I looked down at the burger I was eating (I was about 3 bites in) and saw pink. Lots and lots of pink. I sent it back and received a very well cooked one in return. I'm not usually too picky about my food (other than wanting it to be cooked) so I didn't think too much of it and enjoyed the new non-pink burger.

About 3PM this afternoon I started to worry that perhaps those 3 bites of pink meat were not quite agreeing with me. By 4:30PM, after 6 runs (in many senses) to the bathroom, it was official. Pink hamburgers do not agree with my digestive system! One more reason to renew my membership in the "I Hate Pink Club."

(On the plus side - I got to go home early - although I went to work early this morning, so I still technically put in 8 hours - but at least no extra today.)


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