Saturday, February 26

Red Tape

Last Saturday I filed my taxes. Not because I am an excellent citizen (although I am) or because I am particularly enthusiastic about taxes (because I'm not) - but simply because I'M GETTING CASH! And I want it now.

This morning I went online to check the status of my return. When do I get the CASH? This year, instead of simply answering 3 questions to get access to the info, I had to apply for an "epass account", which offers "Instant access to your personal income tax and benefit account information."

So far it has taken me longer to apply for this account than it took for me to file my taxes. I'm still not in, as apparently after providing them with every bit of personal info I can muster, I still need an activation code that should have arrived by mail - but in my case, didn't. Perhaps, to be helpful, they'll send this useful code that enables me to check on the status of my refund, with my refund. It seems exactly like something the government would do.

BREAKING NEWS: I just found the following statement ...

"you can check your refund status on My Account beginning in mid-March."

I guess their fancy new system wasn't quite ready for keeners like me - who just want their CASH. Good news is, it says it should only take 2 weeks. Who needs a stupid activation code? By mid-March - I'll be too busy shopping to have time to log onto my special "epass".


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