Thursday, February 24

The World of Over Achievers

This morning I got up promptly at 7AM - which if you knew me, you would know never happens voluntarily. But I was awake and I've been trying new things of late so up I got. By the time I left for work, I had worked out, walked the dog, cleaned the kitchen & bathroom, ran the dishwasher and folded and put away all of the laundry.

On the way to work I was frustrated with myself because I hadn't had time to vacuum.

What? Normally all I do before I leave for work is get up, stumble to the shower, get dressed, grab my stuff and hope I remembered to comb my hair. There is never any exercise or cleaning and the dog has to wait to 'do her business' till she hits the yard at work.

I must say it gets quite frustrating to never be satisfied with what you've accomplished. It generally means you get a lot done, but the thrill of accomplishment only lasts momentarily while you immediately set out on the next task. I've really got to learn to ease up on myself.

And tomorrow I won't be getting up early!


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