Thursday, February 17

How to Exercise Your Dog

  • Wake up lazy dog
  • Gain dog's attention and interest by tossing a couple of Corn Pops in her general vacinity
  • Continue to throw Corn Pops around the room, one at a time, in different directions
  • Take it easy while dog races about the room hunting down the delicious treats
How to Exercise the Corn Pop Throwing Couch Potato

  • Throw Corn Pops underneath furniture where dog cannot reach them
  • Get off couch and lift various pieces furniture so dog can reach Corn Pops and will stop her incessant barking and whining
How to Avoid Straining Yourself During Exercise

  • Keep the Corn Pops to yourself
PS - You know it's time to tackle the heavy dusting after you find the dog's nose covered in spider webs after Corn Pops chasing spree.


At 1:37 p.m., February 26, 2005, Blogger the Tattooed Social Worker said...

We use peanuts. In the shell. She actually shells them before eating the nuts. I'm thinking . . . Pet Star!?


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