Tuesday, March 15


It's amazing how quickly they can change.

For the most part, I like how I've defined my priorities. Work often comes first, but there is plenty of room for friends and family when the opportunities arise - as best as I can fit them in around work. However, when I recieved news last Thursday that my grandmother would need a second surgery in 2 days, and was in danger of losing her leg, I suddenly thought work? What work?

I left work early Thursday afternoon to spend time with her in the ICU while she waited for her turn in the OR. She was sleepy, but clear headed and while there wasn't much to say, it was important to be there. I then spent another 3 hours sitting with my aunt and my mom, while waiting for the news.

In the end, the results were mixed. The doctor was able to save her leg, but she'll have a long rehabilitation and will have very limited mobility. I didn't see her the day after the surgery, as the rest of the relatives had arrived and were taking there time with her - and I'm only 90 minutes away, so I'll have more opportunities fo visits than some of the others - but by all accounts she's recovering as well as can be expected.

The whole event left me a little uncertain about my priorities. I know my work is important, but I'm not certain it should have to take a crisis for me to give family a higher priority. I'm glad that I didn't hesitate to go when the need arose, but I'm thinking I should be a bit more open to non-crisis family events.

Of course - then Monday arrived, and I was totally immersed in work again - especially with a day and a half to make up - and I wonder how I can possibly change. There is too much to do!

Tonight when I got home, I knew I should spend time working on a seminar I have to teach tomorrow morning. I also knew I should call a couple of family members to get caught up on things. So rather than make a choice between the two, I spent a couple of hours playing Sims 2, managing imaginary priorities. They are so much easier than real ones. The only downside is that I'll now have to get up awfully early tomorrow morning - to prioritize, of course.


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