Wednesday, March 9

Feeling Unappreciated

Today at staff meeting, while we waited for those who were late due to traffic, some of my co-workers started sharing nightmare commuter stories.

I like to share too, so I chimed in with, "I hate it when I miss the light to turn left on 12th - it's guaranteed to double the time it takes to get here."

They all glared at me. Oh sure, they can complain about how a stall on the bridge added 30 minutes to their usual 60 minute drive or how missing one bus added 20 minutes to their 45 minute commute - but me - I get no appreciation or sympathy for my circumstances.

Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that my regular commute is only 4 minutes?

Well too bad - I have no sympathy for people who choose to live where they have to commute across a bridge in this city. I learned that lesson long ago and now I relish in the fact that I'm just getting up when they are getting in their cars or heading out to their bus stop.

The next time they bring it up I'm telling them the story of the day I had to wait at the crosswalk for the slowest walker in the world - and it added 3 minutes to my commute. I can already imagine how they'll cringe in horror. And then let the air out of my tires later in the day.


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