Monday, February 14

Why I don't hate Valentine's Day

Most single people I know, and some of the not so single ones, hate Valentine's Day. Over the years I've been invited to many an anti-lovers event in the middle of February, and I have never quite understood why everyone gets so upset over it.

Perhaps I'm just fortunate, because I've never felt neglected or overlooked on this day, simply because I'm a February baby and when your birthday hits within 2 days of Valentine's day, almost everything you get is red, pink and heartshaped.

Growing up, we had Valentine's Day parties each year which teachers and fellow students were always happy to make a little bit more about me than they needed to be. I never lacked for dance partners, because everyone paid extra attention to the (almost) birthday girl. No one overlooked me when they handed out valentine card's because it saved them time having to buy a separate birthday card. And as for the gift and treats - you name it, I received it.

This year has been no exception. Red & white stuffed dog - check. Black & red stuffed bear - check. Plenty of valentine's cards - check. A heart shaped box of chocolates - check. Heart shaped and/or red & pink cakes/cupcakes - check, check and check. Helium balloons - check. Flowers - nope - but that's a sign of love too since I'm horribly allergic to them. Unending sappy e-cards - check. I feel loved!

I would most likely feel differently about this day if my birthday fell in July - which makes me realize that perhaps all people are looking for today is a bit of attention and for someone, anyone to remind them that they are loved. Which means I'm off to send some sappy e-cards of my own.

But I'm keeping the chocolates.


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