Friday, February 4

Can I Have Farts With That?

Last week I took the 9 year old son of a friend for a couple of hours to give her bit of a break (he is, shall we say, precocious). I had planned a fun filled couple of hours complete with all of his favorite activities – cleaning the back yard (poop patrol), washing the dog and vacuuming the car. (Seriously – those are his favorite activities – his mother has been known to use ‘not being allowed to wash Jax’s car’ as a disciplinary measure.)

After our chores fun filled activities were complete, I asked him where he would like to go for dinner. He immediately chose Wendy’s and I foolishly assumed it was because, with it being in a bit of a drive away, he didn’t get to go very often.

As we stood in line waiting to order, I listed all of the choices – burgers, fries, chicken nuggets – a nine year old kids dream menu.

He asked “Is this where they have chili?”

“Yes – is that what you want with your burger?” I innocently replied.

“Can I just have chili?”

“If you want – will that be enough for you to eat?”

"Yup – can I get the really big one?”


Fast forward to us nearing the end of our dinner. He started to sing “Beans, beans, the musical fruit …”

I began to understand, as he fastidiously dug each of the beans out of the rest of his chili that he was too full to finish.

I knew that I was right when set his spoon down and announced – “Well, that should load me up with enough farts to last the whole night. I can’t wait to get home to ‘show’ mom!”

Yeah – “precocious”.


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