Thursday, February 3

Things You Might Have Mentioned Earlier

Dearest co-worker,

I am very thankful that you were able to get us a new, “used’ printer for the office. I appreciate the opportunity to have colour printing that is not smeared like a 4-year-old’s finger painting. I was blessed by the encouragement you gave me when I mentioned setting it up this afternoon because I had a very important, time sensitive, colour project to print and I was eager to see what crisp, sharp, detailed goodness it would produce.

I was not as thankful, appreciative or encouraged when, shortly after you left work for the day, I spent 2 minutes setting it up and 3482 minutes using all my best MacGyver tricks to try to get it to print in colour – I cleaned, I re-aligned, I re-filled, I cried, I settled for finger painting.

The next morning you listened patiently while I complained about my failed efforts and then politely said, "Oh yes, the colour cartridge is defective. We’ll need to get a new one. I guess I should have mentioned that.”"

Ya think???


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