Monday, January 17

Working in pajamas

So yesterday was fun.

That is, if your idea of fun is a Pepto-Bismal commerical and you're playing all the parts.

So today, I slept untill 11Am - a sleep that was repeatedly interrupted with commercial auditions until about 4AM, followed by the 'call-in sick' vs 'suck it up and work' debate everytime I got close to consciousness. I decided to compromise and work from home. I feel somewhat better, but have no desire to be around people and there is plenty I can do from here. Like write in my shiny new blog, clean the bathroom and walk the dog.

Somedays I really wish I had the kind of job where I could call in sick and someone else would do my work for the day, so there was actually a purpose in having a sick day. But as a project based, salaried worker - calling in sick does nothing except cause me to have to work longer hours the rest of the week - the projects don't change, nor do the deadlines. On the upside, I'm happily allowed to work in pajamas (if I stay home that is - it's frowned on at the office).

In hindsight, this is a really boring and mundane entry. Who reads this crap? Oh right - no one=) I just felt that after yesterday's miss, if my blogging addiction is going to become active, rather than passive, I better write something today. If I'm more clever later, I'll play with the delete keys.



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