Sunday, January 16

Blogs for Dummies

It's after 2am and I'm filled with excitement that comes from learning that I'm not an idiot!

I figured out how to tweak the blog template and add links and change colours and all together I've probably ruined the artistry of the template, but who cares (other than template's creator - and maybe his mom). My first venture into HTML has been a success.

I tried to set myself up with a stats counter, and hit a stumbling block when I had to pick a category for the web page. How can they not have a category for random thoughts and mindless ponderings? Of course, I don't really need a stats counter, but all the cool kids have them so ... actually I think all the wannabes have them. Mostly I'm just trying to figure out all the fun toys I can add.

I'm off to walk the dog ... oh, and maybe I should get some sleep.



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